The Haskell Platform

Haskell: Batteries Included

The Haskell Platform is a comprehensive, robust development environment for programming in Haskell. For new users the platform makes it trivial to get up and running with a full Haskell development environment. For experienced developers, the platform provides a comprehensive, standard base for commercial and open source Haskell development that maximises interoperability and stability of your code.

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The following components are provided in the latest revision of The Platform (see the Changelog):

Compiler and Runtime

GHC 7.0.4

The state-of-the-art optimizing native code compiler for Haskell.

GHCi 7.0.4

A bytecode interpreter and interactive REPL environment for Haskell

The GHC runtime

A multicore language runtime (virtual machine), providing fast lightweight threads, parallel sparks and futures, software transactional memory, core affinity control, a parallel garbage collector, and much more.

Developer Tools

The Platform also comes with the most useful developer tools out of the box, including:


Cabal and cabal-install are tools for building and distributing Haskell libraries and programs. With cabal-install you have immediate access to thousands of Haskell libraries and tools on Hackage -- you'll be sure to find something interesting.


Haddock is a high quality documentation tool for Haskell. Comments and types in your code are used to generate indexed and cross-referenced online documentation.

The GHCi debugger

The Platform ships with the GHCi debugger - an interactive, imperative-style debugger for Haskell. Type ":help" in GHCi for more information.

The Happy parser generator

Happy is a yacc-like parser generator for Haskell for constructing efficient parsers.

The Alex lexer generator

Alex is a lex-like lexer generator for Haskell.

The hsc2hs foreign language binding tool

Often you need to call C libraries from Haskell. hsc2hs is a preprocessor for binding Haskell to C that automates much of the work.

The GHC Profiler

The Platform comes with several tools for analyzing your Haskell programs performance and behaviour. Included are time and space profiling tools, and tools for graphically visualizing the memory use and structure of running Haskell programs.

Haskell Code Coverage

The Platform provides HPC - a professional-grade tool generating code coverage information and statistics for Haskell. Code coverage information can tell you how good your test suite is, or what part of your code is executing at any given time.

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