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#95: Some tuple elements not unboxed in certain cases
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 For the code below, the append function doesn't unbox the third element of
 the tuple.

 {-# LANGUAGE BangPatterns #-}
 module Test
 import Data.Vector.Unboxed.Mutable as MU
 import Control.Monad.ST as ST
 import Control.Monad.Primitive (PrimState)

 data Snakev s = S {-# UNPACK #-}!Int
                                 !(MVector (PrimState (ST s))

 append :: Snakev s -> (Int,Int,Int) -> ST s (Snakev s)
 append (S i v) x = if i < MU.length v then MU.unsafeWrite v i x >> return
 (S (i+1) v)
                    else MU.unsafeGrow v (2 * (MU.length v)) >>= (\y ->
 MU.unsafeWrite y i x >> return (S (i+1) y))

 gridWalk :: Snakev s -> Int -> ST s (Snakev s)
 gridWalk snakesv !k  = do
    append snakesv (k,k,k)


 If the tuple is of two elements, it is not unboxed at all. For three and
 four element tuples that I tried, the last element is always unboxed
 unless explicitly forced through a bang pattern like !@x(_,_,!_). The core
 for `append` wrapper function has this function signature:

   :: forall s.
      -> MVector (PrimState (ST s)) (Int, Int, Int)
      -> Int#
      -> Int#
      -> Int
      -> State# s
      -> (# State# s, Snakev s #)


 Not sure if this is GHC bug, or something specific to vector library
 implementation. So, I am filing it here first. I noticed that I need
 unsafeGrow function in else block to reproduce the issue.

 I am using version 0.10, with ghc 7.6.1

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