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**Two all-too-common scenarios**: You want to launch a new program but
you also  need money for rent, day-to-day expenses, and salaries. Or,
perhaps the federal government is cutting its funding, threatening your
ability to continue providing services.

Either way, you need help with overhead--and getting such help in
today's funding environment can be difficult, especially since many
private funders don't support overhead.

**So what should you do******?****

While operating expenses are not a high priority for most foundations,
the prevailing view that foundations won't pay for such expenses is not
true. Nonprofits can indeed find funding for operating expenses that are
essential for providing new programs or supporting existing ones, but
you just have to know where to look.

That's why we encourage you to register for our upcoming audio
conference, "Winning Operating Funds from Foundations: An Interactive
Audio Presentation."  Attend live or purchase the CD recording. Either
way, you'll receive a wealth of advice from one of the nation's leading
grants professionals, and you'll have ample opportunity for questions.

**Here are just some of the key questions we'll address**:

* Just how common is foundation support for operating costs?

* How much should you request for overhead costs?

* Do "operating costs" mean the same thing for all private funders?

* Can costs include salaries, consultative and legal services, or rental

* Can you expect foundations to "fill in” the operating expense gaps
caused by federal and state budget cuts?

* Most importantly, what are the keys to success when seeking operating


These are just some of the many issues that will be thoroughly explored
when veteran grantwriter David Kittross presents an update of one of our
most popular annual audioconferences. Mr. Kittross was senior
grantwriter for **Federal and Foundation** **Assistance Monitor** for
more than 2 decades and is currently senior researcher for **Community
Health Funding Report** and **Native American Report.**
He'll provide insightful, up-to-the minute, authoritative answers to
some of the most frequent questions raised by grantwriters when it comes
to funding overhead.


* How do you find foundations most willing to provide operational

* Where do you start searching and what should you look for in potential

* What "inside information" should your organization be ready to share?

* What do you need to know about new trends and  models for overhead

* Why "strategic grantmaking" can be a sign a funder is interested in
providing operating support.

* How can smaller nonprofits raise operating capital?

In addition to a 75-minute information-filled presentation with one of
the nation's leading grant experts, all attendees and CD recording
purchasers receive:

* A detailed presentation outline designed for easy note-taking

* Handouts listing dozens of  funder websites and other useful

* A free 30-day subscription to** ****Federal and Foundation Assistance

* Free access to our presenter before, during, and anytime after the
event for answers to your  questions on funding operating expenses

* Steep discounts on the live/CD recording package.

**Can't join us live?** 
Recordings are available, and you'll still receive all handouts and a
complimentary subscription to **Federal and Foundation Assistance
Monitor**, plus access to our presenter for follow up questions.


The cost to attend or purchase a recording, is just $189, and your
entire staff can gather around a speaker phone to listen and ask
questions before, during, and anytime after the event.
Previous audioconference attendees tell us that being able to ask
questions and get thorough responses from our presenters is often by
itself worth the cost of attending!

**Want another office location to listen?** 
Additional sites are just $49 each -- call us at 1-800-666-6380 for

**Limited Space Available, so Register Now:** 
We limit space at our audioconferences to ensure our presenters have an
ample opportunity to address the many listener questions that we get.
Don't miss out--register today! Call 1-800-666-6380 for more



* Visit **our website** (  for
quick, secure registration on our website

* Call us at 1-800-666-6380, ext. 2

* Email us at info at (mailto:info at

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