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#22: Excessive memory allocation when using mutable vectors
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Comment (by rl):

 Question: Using Data.Vector.Mutable and a Vector lfsr of 16 Word32, I call
 a function f several times with arg lfsr. f modifes the values of lfsr.
 Works fine but sstderr reports 46 Meg allocated on heap and 65 meg copied
 during GC. If I call f fewer times, less is allocated on heap in a linear
 fashion. As I am supposedly creating only one vector and modifying
 contents in place, why is so much space being allocated?

 vperf.exe +RTS -sstderr
       46,195,412 bytes allocated in the heap
       65,082,528 bytes copied during GC
       15,391,872 bytes maximum residency (5 sample(s))
        1,349,892 bytes maximum slop
               31 MB total memory in use (0 MB lost due to fragmentation)

   Generation 0:    76 collections,     0 parallel,  0.23s,  0.22s elapsed
   Generation 1:     5 collections,     0 parallel,  0.11s,  0.19s elapsed

   Parallel GC work balance: -1.#J (0 / 0, ideal 1)

   INIT  time    0.02s  (  0.00s elapsed)
   MUT   time    0.09s  (  0.08s elapsed)
   GC    time    0.34s  (  0.41s elapsed)
   EXIT  time    0.00s  (  0.00s elapsed)
   Total time    0.45s  (  0.48s elapsed)
   %GC time      75.9%  (83.9% elapsed)
   Alloc rate    422,358,052 bytes per MUT second
   Productivity  20.7% of total user, 19.4% of total elapsed

   Using ghc 6.12.1 on WinXP.
   Compiled using
   ghc -threaded -Odph -fvia-C -funbox-strict-fields -optc-O2 -optc-
 march=pentium4 -optc-ffast-math --make vperf.hs

 import Control.Monad
 import qualified Data.Vector.Mutable as M
 import Data.Word

 main = do
   lfsr <- M.newWith 16 (0::Word32)
   let iter = 100000
   replicateM_ iter (f1 lfsr)
   r <- M.read lfsr 15
   M.clear lfsr
   print $ show r

 -- dummy function to modify array values in place
 f1 lfsr =
   Control.Monad.forM_ [0..15]
              (\i -> do
                 val <- M.read lfsr i
                 M.write lfsr i (val + 1))

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