[vector] #20: Optimization strategy unclear (-Odph / -O2)

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Wed May 19 09:07:20 EDT 2010

#20: Optimization strategy unclear (-Odph / -O2)
Reporter:  choener                      |        Owner:     
    Type:  defect                       |       Status:  new
Priority:  minor                        |    Milestone:  0.7
 Version:  0.6                          |   Resolution:     
Keywords:  documentation, optimization  |  
Comment (by choener):

 So, a set of small but useful functions that are to be tested. That should
 be possible. It is basically what I want to have for my libraries, too.
 And they use vector heavily.

 (The above is useful, in a slightly different setting, I use it to
 generate all sets of (k,l) pairs with 0<k+l<=30).

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