[vector] #20: Optimization strategy unclear (-Odph / -O2)

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Mon May 17 23:39:22 EDT 2010

#20: Optimization strategy unclear (-Odph / -O2)
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Comment (by rl):

 In general, I'd recommend -Odph for GHC 6.12 and -O2 -fno-method-sharing
 for 6.13. Unfortunately, concatMap is rather badly implemented in the
 0.6.0 branch of vector which might cause this effect. The current version
 in darcs seems to perform about the same with -O2 and -Odph.

 Unfortunately, GHC 6.12 is still a bit shaky when it comes to the kind of
 optimisations that vector needs so it might well be the case that -Odph is
 worse than -O2 in some cases. I would be very interested in other

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