[Takusen] AC220V LED strip light

Kelly Wang info at sunshinelamp.net
Tue Aug 5 02:12:37 BST 2014

Hey ,
Sunshine Lighting Industry Limited here, exporting LED commercial lighting many years with rich experience, and our customers come from 40countries around the world.
And now we release a kind of LED strip light, it can directly connect to AC120V/220V home plug, no need switch power supply, it is very convinient to fix up. And it can also save you money to buy switch power supply. Of course, this kind of LED strip light can also realize RGB color change effect!

SMD5050, 60led/m  50m/roll
Lumen:900lm/m  45000lm/roll
Other specs optional
If you have  interest,please make free to contact me!
Thanks&Best Regards,
Sunshine Lighting Industry Limited
MSN:kellywlihua at live.cn
Email:info at sunshinelamp.net
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