[HTTP] maintenance model

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Sat Aug 13 11:47:02 BST 2011


We seem to have got some momentum around improving the maintenance of
HTTP, which is great! I'd like to propose the following arrangements for
managing the maintenance, with the goal of making it sustainable over
the longer term with only a small and varying time investment from any
one individual.

 - I'll move the maintainer field for the package to be this list, so
emails can't get completely lost in one person's inbox.
 - Bugs and outstanding patches will be kept on github (patches = pull
requests in the github world)

I'll still be primary maintainer for the short term, but it should make
it very easy to flip over to anyone else at some point.

With any luck we'll have a basic test harness soon. The idea is that it
won't be very sophisticated but it should enable straightforward
regression tests to be added which should be a substantial improvement
over the current manual testing situation. I suggest that we try to
ensure that regression tests are added for each patch that is accepted,
so that the testing coverage increases over time.



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