Could not start project in new interactive mode

Kirill Zaborsky qrilka at
Wed Apr 18 10:48:01 BST 2012

Looks ilke something's wrong with paths - make compile for haskell-mode
does not work:
haskell-process.el:29:1:Error: Required feature `haskell-interactive-mode'
was not provided

and I can not get REPL started:
eval-buffer: Required feature `haskell-interactive-mode' was not provided

In .emacs I have haskell-mode path added to Emacs load-path
Do I need something else?

KInd regards,
Kirill Zaborsky

2012/4/18 Christopher Done <chrisdone at>

> On 18 April 2012 10:38, Kirill Zaborsky <qrilka at> wrote:
> > But sometimes it fails, a couple of times I received the following
> message:
> >
> > error in process filter: Symbol's value as variable is void:
> > haskell-interactive-greetings
> >
> > and REPL was readonly.
> > Is it possible that the order of commands may play role here?
> That sounds like it. I added some REQUIRE lines to haskell-process.el.
> Do a git pull and it should fix that. haskell-process is the central
> kernel.
> > And 1 more question - are there any key combinations for REPL history? I
> old
> > interactive mode I used C+Up/C+Down sometimes is there anything similar?
> In this mode it's M-up/M-down (also in comint-mode), but you can
> rebind them of course -- see the example file.
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