[haddock] #76: Non-use of __HADDOCK__ flag is not documented

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#76: Non-use of __HADDOCK__ flag is not documented
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 I think *that* should be documented in the manual. Macros with names of
 the form __FOO__ have a strong tradition of being predefined by relevant
 systems; think of __STDC__, __GNUC__, and __OBJC__ in the C world and
 __GLASGOW_HASKELL__, __HUGS__, and __NHC__ in the Haskell world. Because
 of this tradition, explicitly documenting that Haddock does not define and
 has not ever defined __HADDOCK__ would be a very good thing to do, and if
 there were a good reference about what *has* traditionally defined this
 macro, it would be desirable to direct people to that.

 You can see what confusion not having this in the manual caused me!

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