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#60: Parser fails on same-line documentation
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 I'd just like to note that it seems that this bug is affecting XMonad; on
 the Darcs repo for XMonad, an attempt to build Haddock docs leads to:

 {{{XMonad/Layout.hs:55:19: parse error on input `!'}}}
 {{{haddock: Failed to check module: XMonad.Layout}}}

 The relevant lines:

 {{{data Tall a = Tall !Int      -- ^ The default number of windows in the
 master pane (default: 1)}}}
 {{{                   !Rational -- ^ Default proportion of screen occupied
 by master pane (default: 1/2)}}}
 {{{                   !Rational; -- ^ Percent of screen to increment by
 when resizing panes (default: 3/100)}}}

 This is with Haddock 2.3.0 and reportedly 2.4.1. I believe the Haddocks
 used to build.

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