Those Employment Vacancies are available in Canada

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About NASC 

NASC, established in 1986, is the most successful, trusted name in the International Immigration industry. We have Served people for around 25 years now, helping them in Immigration, Placement and Settlement.  NASC has many Affiliated agents  across the World.  We provide comprehensive immigration Services and Solutions .  
We deal in all categories of immigration, be it Skilled Workers, Business Immigration, Work Permits, Student visas, Freedom Passport, Family Category and all such matters for Canada, US, Australia, UK, New Zealand and another 72 countries around the world. For so many years, most of our clients come to us through the recommendation of Another satisfied clients. In the past 25 years we have served clients who found our services the most reliable One  and liked the way we treated them from beginning. Our services thus expanded throughout the years to include All aspects of Immigration ,Placement ,Settlement and Citizenship Services. NASC experience ranges from Skilled Worker Category, Business Class ,Provincial Nomination Programs across Canada ,State Sponsership in Australia  , and family class category through temporary resident visas (work permit, Visitor visa, and student permit including their extension s) to placement of qualified live-in Caregivers in Canada ,and Freedom Passport .  

Our clients come from different parts of the world, from different races and social classes. They all have one thing in Common: they made a decision to change their lives and act upon this decision. Their first step was to contact us

 Those Employment Vacancies are available in Canada
    Occupation Province   Wages   
1    Available   ArchitectAlberta    $46/hr   
1   Available   Database Analysts   PEI  $37/hr   
4   Available   NurseB.C$ 39/hr   
3    Available   Non-destructive 
Inspector  Alberta $31/hr   
1   Available   Chef Alberta  $29/hr   
2    Available   Engineering Manager (Project)  Nova Scotia    $49/hr   
2    Available   Physiotherapist SaS $32/hr   
1   Available   Sonographer B.C    $29/hr   
2    Available   Pharamcist B,C  $49/hr   
2    Available   Electrical Engineer B.C $45/hr   
1   Available   Industrial Electrician  Alberta    $29/hr   
1   Available   Computer  
Porgrammer Ontario    $ 39/hr   
1   Available    Hotel Manager  Alberta    to be determined   
1    Available   Land Surveyor    B.C     $39/hr   
2    Available   Petroleum  Engineer Alberta  $49/hr   
1   Available   Machine Fitter Alberta    $ 30/hr   
1    Available   Dentist Alberta to be determined   
1    Available   Aircraft Mechanic Ontario $31/hr   
2   Available   Accountant Alberta to be determined    
1   Available   Chemical 
Engineer Alberta   $39/hr   
1   Available   Civil Engineer  B.C   $49/hr   
1   Available   Construction 
Manager B.C  to be determined    
2   Available   Medical doctor Alberta   to be negotiated  
2    Available   Financial Analyst Alberta $39/hr   
1   Available   Veternarian Alberta to be negotiated    

We draw your attention that ONLY NASC's Immigration clients need to apply for these positions including those are  Canadian Citizens or holding Canadian PR visa  by sending their confirmation and updated CV to 
                        jobs at     
We thank all interested applicants ,however ONLY successfull candidates  will be contacted for interviews. 

Please note that some of these occupations require Temporary registeration (License to practise) prior to  reporting to work, 
NASC's clients who want to apply but dont have the registeration yet ,Contact our office immediately to start the registeration process. 
Successfull Canadidates will be entitled for PNP or 15 points at Federal Point system aside from their re-location allowance which could reach up to 5000 CD. 
Please note that NASC's clients means who hired our company for migration services and submitted their fees ,any one who filled online assessment form without hiring our company doesnt means NASC's client 
We are at NASC pride ourselves to be the ONLY company that provides full package of services (Immigration Credential assessment and licensing registration for all occupation Placement assistance and post landing services ),
for more details kindly attend our office or email us at info at   or simply visit one of our 3 websites    and fill afree online assessment form and one of our consultant will get back to you shortly 
NASC's newsletters with over 300000 subscribers all over the Globe 
          North American Services Center                                       " 24 years of services worldwide" 
Kathryn MacDonald (CCIC) is a Full Member in good standing of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) 

Dubai Office Location
Suite 203,Green Corner Building 
Riqqa Road,PO BOX 64566 
Dubai, U.A.E 

Tel: 009714-228 04 22
Fax: 009714-228 04 24

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Suite M01 ,Silver Wave Building 
Mena Road ,PO BOX 51568
Abu Dhabi ,U.A.E
Tel:009712-650 97 22  
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Copyrights 1986-2011 © NASC®. All Rights Reserved

Why NASC? 

We are full member of Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC). 
We have shown highest success rate! 
We care for our clients! 
We provide compassionate professional work! 
We work very hard to get your application approved! 
We have a reputation for High professionalism and utmost integrity! 
We are honest with our clients, and provide the most reliable services! 
We are native Canadians that care for your future and the future of your family!
We prepare everything for your success! 
 We have been in business for the last 25 years! 
Over 9 Thousands of  Immigrants landed in their new countries through us 
We have many agreements with major Canadian health authorities and headhunters ,as well vairous major Australian recuirment companies  to place our clients . 
Over 95% of our clients came as referral  from other satisfied clients. 
We work around the clock to increase the horizon of our services. 
Your Immigration case will be processed only by exper consultants ,not just by employees who fills papers 
Our Consultants hasstudied the Immigration Regulations and Rules, and never stopped improving themselves. 
NASC consultants are up-to-date when it comes latest information on Immigration rules and Practice. 
As Canadians we have certain rights and privileges that will allow us to inquire your case and read exactly what the government has record about your case under the auspices of the Privacy Act. Only a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident with valid documents can make such a request about your file on your behalf 

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