Get three tools designed to help you secure more private funding for one low price.

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Get three tools designed to help you secure more funding
from private sources - Just $567 $199**(1): Refocusing Your Funding
Search from Federal to Foundation (audioconference)**

In this 60-minute event, grants expert Glenda O'Neal will answer
questions federal grant recipients are sure to have as they transition
from government to private sector proposal writing, including:

* What support do foundations offer government or government-funded

* Can I use information in my federal applications to write a foundation

* Will foundations pay for operating costs?

* How do foundation recordkeeping and reporting requirements compare to

* How do I answer questions about a program that is currently federally

* How does the foundation process compare to the federal?

* And, of course, what's the best way to begin?

Plus, she will cover many more areas of interest, which will make all
the difference in grantseeking success, such as the "5-Step
Grantsmanship Process" to conduct more effective prospect
research...understanding and making the most of the foundation
process...appropriately responding to "maintenance of effort"
queries...asking for support for program components versus entire
programs...and so much more!

**(2): A 6-Month subscription to **Private Grants Alert** online**

During these difficult times for America's nonprofit organizations,
finding support from foundations, corporations and individuals is more
critical than ever, but the search can be VERY time-consuming. That's
where **Private Grants Alert **can help you. This one-stop resource
brings you scores of new grant opportunities ... all in an efficient
online format that saves you time and staff hours.

You get full contact information ... any/all deadline dates ... websites
.... typical dollar amounts available ... geographic limitations and
award cycles. But there's much more! You'll find guidelines for donors'
hot buttons and turn-offs, insights into foundations' proven
preferences, the do's and don'ts that can make or break an application,
and---as a bonus each month---you'll find our Grant Guru feature:
Grant seeking/application writing advice from experts in the field that
will increase your chances of success.

**(3): Winning Foundation Funding for Operating Costs

While operating expenses are indeed not high priority for most
foundations, the prevailing myth that foundations won't pay for
operating support simply is not true. Nonprofits can indeed find funding
for operating expenses that are essential for providing new programs,
but you just have to know where to look.

* Just how common is foundation support for operating costs?

* How much in the way of overhead should you ask for?

* Do "operating costs" mean the same thing for all private funders? Can
operating costs include staff salaries, consultative and legal services,
or rental fees?

* And most importantly, what are the keys to success when seeking
operating support?

These are just some of the many issues to be thoroughly explored when
expert grant analyst and veteran grantwriter David Kittross, editor
of Federal & Foundation Assistance Monitor for more than 2 decades and
currently senior editor of Community Health Funding Report, presents
an update this popular 2012 audioconference. He'll  provide insightful,
authoritative answers to some of the most frequently posed -- and
downright gnawing -- questions raised within grantwriting circles about
funding overhead expenses.

**Save over 50% off the full price!****Get the Private Funding

Audio Conference:  Finding Funds for Programs Helping Veterans & Their Families
Join us 11/7/13 when CD Publications presents a 75-minute, information-packed audio conference designed to give grant-seekers the competitive edge they need to obtain funding for programs aimed at helping veterans.

Audio Conference: Winning Funding for Native American Programs in Uncertain Times 
Join us when CD Publications presents a special, exclusive audio conference focusing on what this year's Congressional budget impasse will mean to programs serving Native Americans. 

Online Class: Winning Strategies and Techniques for Finding Your Best
Foundation Funders
Now you can learn proven, highly-effective foundation prospecting strategies that really work--without leaving your desk or spending time and money at a workshop. The class starts 10/21/2013.

Audioconference: How New Federal and Foundation Trends and Priorities Will Affect Funding for Children's Programs in 2014
In this audio conference you'll gain insights that will give you a
clear edge in your grant seeking, along with invaluable added lead time on
when to expect 2014 solicitations. 

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