Special Lists Of Manufacturing 2015.

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 Would you be interested in Manufacturing Industry Professionals List 2015
which includes complete contact details and verified email addresses of - 

CEO's, CFO's, Manufacturers, Industrial Machinery Mechanics, lumber
manufactures, Automobile Engineers, Steel Manufacturers, Operation
Technicians, Food Manufacturers, Fluid Power Manufacturers, Textile
Manufacturers, Rubber & Plastic Manufacturers, Papers Manufacturers,
Equipment Manufacturers, Wood Product Manufacturers, Aerospace Engineers,
Civil Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Industrial Production Managers,
Electrical Engineers, Chemical Manufacturers, Medical Device Manufacturers,
Audio and Video Equipment Technicians, Mechanical Engineers, Commercial and
Industrial Designers, and many more across US/UK/CANADA/Australia, Europe
and all over the world.

Database includes :- Name, Address, Job Title, Company Name, Verified Email,
Phone, Fax and many more.


If you are interested please send me your target audience and geographical
area, so that I can get back to you with counts along with pricing. 


 Target Industry :  _____________ ;Target Geography :  ______________;Target
Job Title :  _________________ 


Looking forward to continued  success with you!



Victor Adams
Marketing Manager

Other Industries :- HealthCare, Transportation, Finance, Insurance, Food &
Beverage, Hospitality, Construction, Metals, Mining, Publishing and
Printing,Oil& Gas, Pharmaceutical,Semiconductors, Security Etc.. 


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