Now that the federal government is back in business, how will funding for your programs be affected?

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"Winning Funding for Native American Programs in Uncertain Times"

Only 9 slots remain to join us live.

Join federal grant expert (and editor of Native American Report) Dave Kittross for this exclusive audioconference focusing on what this year's Congressional budget impasse will mean to programs serving Native Americans. With decades of experience writing and researching grants, Dave will provide an objective analysis of what's happening, zero in on
what's likely to happen to funding for your programs, and provide insights on what would-be grantees must know to succeed.

We'll examine the best opportunities for federal funding in FY 2014, and deliver a trove of information on how to win financial support from foundations and other non-governmental sources. Plus, we'll provide an in-depth look at the latest developments on Capitol Hill, share details about how congressional actions affect key provisions of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, and provide a realistic, up-to-date forecast -- based on information gleaned from well-placed government sources -- on what to expect in terms of funding for tribal projects.

Here are just some of the other key points you'll learn about:

  * Plans by the Administration for Native Americans to offer grants promoting economic development,
    regulatory expertise, Native languages and culture;
  * What to expect from the Bureau of Indian Affairs regarding tribal governance issues;
  * What BIA funding will be available for health, safety, and community development programs;
  * What the future holds for the Indian Health Service and healthcare-related funding;
  * How to take advantage of the full range of funding sources, including the Departments of Education,
    Justice, Energy, and Health & Human Services, the National Endowment for the Humanities,
    the National Science Foundation, HUD, EPA...just to name a few

With federal funding uncertain, we'll show you the best ways to become eligible for private funding, and how to find some of the foundations that are your best bets to win grants. We'll even point you to some of the most generous sources of private funding -- and tell you the best way to approach them -- so that your chances of obtaining those badly needed dollars will be vastly improved.


Sign up to join us on 10/24 or pre-order a CD recording and let your entire office benefit from this insightful audioconference. Not only will you be able to email us in advance with topics you want covered, but there will be a live Q&A session following the presentation so you can get answers to your questions. All attendees will also have the ability to submit questions after the event, receive a detailed outline and invaluable website resource list, along with a post-conference summary so you don't miss any details.

But don't wait to sign up - Live attendance is limited to ensure all attendee questions can be answered!

  * Go to for quick, secure registration
  * Call us at 1-800-666-6380, ext. 2 with your credit card, check or PO information
  * Email us at info at (mailto:info at

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Audio Conference: Winning Funding for Native American Programs in Uncertain Times 
Join us when CD Publications presents a special, exclusive audio conference focusing on what this year's Congressional budget impasse will mean to programs serving Native Americans. 

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when to expect 2014 solicitations. 

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